Dental Implants

How much do implants cost in South Africa and why it’s difficult to provide an estimate without a clinical examination

The process of placing an implant, if done correctly, is a complex process and involves various phases. The first phase is diagnosing the problem. This will require study models, radiographs etc to determine the amount of bone available, space available etc. Implants can only be placed in solid bone. Also keep in mind that, even if you have 3 teeth missing, you may only need 2 implants to close the space and if you have all 16 upper teeth missing, you may only need 4 implants to support artificial teeth depending on the type of prosthesis you have in mind.


Once we have made a diagnosis and have a treatment plan we can proceed with the surgical procedure. The costs here would be that of the dentist’s clinical fee, the cost of the titanium implant etc.


Now that the implant has been placed, it has to attached to the custom-made tooth/ teeth that have to be replaced. The costs involved at this phase would be the dentists fee and the laboratory fee.


Now there are a few more things to look at:

  • The process may take a few months depending on the complexity. Do you need a temporary in the meantime?
  • Would you need conscious sedation or theatre?

I hope that you now have a clearer perspective of the complexity of providing an estimate over the phone. Please consult as and we can work on something that will work for you.

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